About Us

FarmShake Inc.'s mission is to connect consumers to farmers, ranchers and fishermen to make BUYING DIRECT easy.  Consumers get to know where their food comes from and can shake the hand of the family that grows and raises their food.

Selling direct to consumers also opens up an additional revenue stream and removes the middle man for farmers, ranchers and fishermen.  With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, having multiple revenue streams has become even more necessary.  

FarmShake, Inc is a United States corporation and was founded in 2020 by two sisters and a tech guy - Susie Felton, Julie Merrill and Tay Nguyen. This concept of enabling farmers to sell direct and shaking up the food supply chain has been a vision of Susie Felton's for years. 

Born and raised in a cattle ranching family in central California, Susie Felton continues to farm and ranch with her family in Springdale, Montana. The Feltons raise cattle and sell their Montana-raised Felton Angus Beef direct to consumers and currently ship within the continental United States. 

Julie Merrill left her ranching roots and has travelled the world as a military spouse. Her husband has retired from active duty service after 23 years of service and their family now resides in San Diego, CA. Julie is a CPA and works with multiple startup businesses in San Diego, California.

Tay Nguyen is a seasoned tech startup guy, serving as an advisor for multiple startup companies, was a founder of former colleague of Julie's at DivX, Inc.

This dynamic trio is shaking up the current supply chain by helping farmers, ranchers and fishermen sell direct to consumers.

Shake the hand of the family that grows and raises the food your family eats!